I graduated high school, traveled overseas without a rifle in my hand and work in politics. In the working class neighborhoods around Detroit where I grew up there are plenty of people who haven’t done any of those things, and I try to keep in mind the perspectives of them and others who aren’t like the typical denizens of Blogostan as I try to understand & explain politics happening within the US and beyond our borders. In Michigan I worked in organized labor, as a policy analyst in the legislature, and managed campaigns from state representative up to statewide office. Despite my love for Detroit, in 2005 I moved to Washington DC to do national politics. I’ve managed two winning campaigns against incumbent Republican Congressmen in New England, served as a chief of staff on Capitol Hill and managed races in Minnesota, Kansas and Louisiana. I’ve also been blogging about politics at various places since 2003. I’m now settling in to a new life in Chicago, where I look forward to seeing the Tigers play the Sox, complaining that Chicago-style pizza is overrated and searching for the city’s best Italian beef sandwich.

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